Back from Huzzah!

15 May

Well I just got back from Huzzah 2011 and am pretty well beat.  It was a great event again, better than last year I’d say.  If you didn’t go, you should have.  Good vendors, great games and lots of fun!  And a good venue to boot.  I played in three games that I registered for, “Operation Windsor”,  a WWII skirmish game using the Disposable Heroes/Coffin for Seven Brothers rule set, “Battle of Olustee”, using the Black Powder rules and “Air Attack Bir Thamada” using Check your 6! Jet Age.  I also got into two pickup games, Raiders of the Sulu Sea using a homebrew rules set and an Airdrome tournament.

The games were all very well done and had a host of skillful and courteous opponents, which always makes for a great con, but sadly isn’t always the case.  The Disposable Heroes game encouraged me to pick up the basic rules for it and a box of Bolt Action German infantry to get started with.  And I’m thinking of getting Check your 6.  The problem with it is that although it’s a pretty straightforward game, it requires plotted movement and it is chart heavy, and my regular gaming group consists of a bunch of sissies who are frightened by charts, so it may not be worth my while…but damn it’s a fun game!

I took a ton of pictures and some of them are even good.  I’ll post pics and some more detailed write ups later in the week.  Right now I’m just kinda beat!  It was a long, good weekend.

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