Painting 15mm Flames of War

04 Jul

So in an earlier post I think I mentioned that painting some 28mm figures for Black Powder was going to be like a vacation from painting figures for Flames of War.  Well, this weekend I went back to FoW.  And I was right.  I painted some Sherman III’s and V’s, including a Firefly and one gun section of  a 25lb artillery battery (pictures when they’re varnished and based).  It wasn’t exactly painful, but boy do I like 28mm better!

I’m not building any specific unit, just Generic Mid War British Infantry/Armor unit.  I have the Motor Company and Medium Royal Artillery Battery box sets as well as the Sherman platoon and some Matilda Seniors.  It’s been slow coming together, but my motivation is back up as it always is post-convention.  I’m a bit tired of playing Germans in FoW and needed something different.  Right now I have enough units assembled to field an 800 point armor/infantry force, using the 600 pt build rules in the book.  That is a company hq and one combat platoon combined with any supporting units desired.

I will finish these guys up tomorrow and start the second gun section.  Also I will prep and prime some more Hessians tomorrow night.  I’m in a painting mood which doesn’t happen often.  Gotta take advantage of it while it lasts!

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