Flames of War – British Artillery

07 Jul

I finished up one gun section of a Royal Artillery  battery (25lb guns).  I bought the box set which I recommend doing since it saves you some money, and you get the very nice sculpted bases from Battlefront.  I painted the unit up in late war colors, but they probably are going to be first used in an early or mid war game and I hope they won’t look too out of place next to Matildas and Crusaders done up in desert tan.

To finish this unit up, I have to do the other gun section, 2 guns plus crews, the HQ team, staff team (which has an AMAZING looking sculpted base to go with it) and the observers.  That’s a lot actually, but I think it will come together fast.  Actual painting time for the 2 guns I just did wasn’t all that long.  Most of the time was spent waiting for things to fully dry.

Below are a few shots of one of the guns.  The camera really brings out the flaws doesn’t it?  😛  It looks better on the table I promise.

Next up for Flames of War I have some Sherman III’s and V’s that I want to try my hand at weathering.  I just finished up a Firefly and the results were “meh”.  I’ll post some pics of that when the varnish is dry.  Also on the table are more Hessian Musketeers.  Will start those tonight, pictures when done.

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  1. Cort Naegelin

    July 21, 2011 at 10:06 am


    I have the following:

    Le Bataille de – ..

    La Moscowa
    La Talavaera
    La D’Auerstaedt
    De Deutsch-Wagram

    Man these babies are old. They are the old Marshall games from the 1770′s. I think that i have everything, but I am not sure. I maybe missing a piece here and there.

    I also have Wellington’s Victory, but My brother mixed Quatre Bras in with it. I have to sort it out. I will bring them.

    Cort N

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