Most Awesome TotalCon Ever!

11 Nov

Hmm, seems my last post was in August.  I suck at blogging, but I hope people will keep checking back periodically anyway!

Go to your kitchen calendars (oh who am I kidding, open up your scheduling app of choice) and block off February 23-26.  Those are the dates for this year’s TotalCon.  The convention is held at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, MA and is always a very enjoyable time.  Lots of D&D, Magic, 40k, Warmachine and the like, as well as plenty of board games.

Why am I promoting a con which is not really geared toward historical gaming?  Well, for one thing, it’s just a fun, well organized event and I believe we should do our best to support gaming in all of its forms.  The second reason is my friend Jonathan Reinhart has been talking with the con organizers and they are interested in holding some historical events.  Broadening their appeal as it were.  In response to that, Jon, myself and our friend Cort Naeglin are going to be running a American Civil War themed Black Powder game.  We will be running a scenario provided in the Black Powder rule book, “Daybreak at Hangman’s Creek”, which is a hypothetical battle involving a surprise Confederate attack on a Union held munitions factory.

And that my friends makes this the Most Awesome TotalCon Ever!

We have been play testing the scenario a lot and think it will work well in a convention setting.  The units in it are pretty basic and it doesn’t make use of too many special rules, so teaching the game to newcomers  will be easy.  Black Powder is an easy game to learn anyway.  Pretty much all of the toys are being provided by Cort.  He has some very very nicely painted 15mm Civil War figures and 15mm terrain, so all thanks are to him because otherwise this event wouldn’t be happening.

I hope to see some folks come out for TotalCon this year and I really hope that you’ll consider playing in our event.  We are hoping to become historical gaming ambassadors to the 40k crowd, some of whom might not even be aware that historical wargaming exists.  Our hobby is reasonably healthy at this point, but without bringing in new blood it won’t stay that way!

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