21 Jan

On Thursday I placed an order from Architects of War for some Perry plastic Prussians and the Operation Squad rulebook.  The Prussians I needed for an 1813 campaign that I’m participating in; well, nominally anyway, I haven’t made any of the games yet 🙂 and the rule book I just wanted.  I’ve been after a good set of fast play WWII skirmish rules for a while.  I’ve played a couple of different sets at cons, and they all have their pluses and minuses, but what I really am after is a set of rules that is true squad level skirmishing.  Operation Squad promises to deliver that as it is playable with only 8-12 figures per side.

As I said, I placed this order Thursday and Architects of War, in true gaming god like fashion, got the order to me today (Saturday) via USPS.  If you don’t know Architects of War, check them out.  They have an ever expanding line of top quality products, and are nice people to deal with besides.

Once I’ve given the rules a good read through I’ll post a review of them.  Next step will be to paint up some 28mm WWII figures and give the rules a go.  Where I’ll find time for that in the midst of all the Napoleonic painting I don’t know!

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