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The Whiz in Westborough MA, moving to a new location.

I suspect most people who play and shop at The Whiz are on their mailing list and so should have gotten the “we’re moving” email, but if not, here’s a link with details:
The Whiz new location

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Painting 15mm Flames of War

So in an earlier post I think I mentioned that painting some 28mm figures for Black Powder was going to be like a vacation from painting figures for Flames of War.  Well, this weekend I went back to FoW.  And I was right.  I painted some Sherman III’s and V’s, including a Firefly and one gun section of  a 25lb artillery battery (pictures when they’re varnished and based).  It wasn’t exactly painful, but boy do I like 28mm better!

I’m not building any specific unit, just Generic Mid War British Infantry/Armor unit.  I have the Motor Company and Medium Royal Artillery Battery box sets as well as the Sherman platoon and some Matilda Seniors.  It’s been slow coming together, but my motivation is back up as it always is post-convention.  I’m a bit tired of playing Germans in FoW and needed something different.  Right now I have enough units assembled to field an 800 point armor/infantry force, using the 600 pt build rules in the book.  That is a company hq and one combat platoon combined with any supporting units desired.

I will finish these guys up tomorrow and start the second gun section.  Also I will prep and prime some more Hessians tomorrow night.  I’m in a painting mood which doesn’t happen often.  Gotta take advantage of it while it lasts!

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Back from Huzzah!

Well I just got back from Huzzah 2011 and am pretty well beat.  It was a great event again, better than last year I’d say.  If you didn’t go, you should have.  Good vendors, great games and lots of fun!  And a good venue to boot.  I played in three games that I registered for, “Operation Windsor”,  a WWII skirmish game using the Disposable Heroes/Coffin for Seven Brothers rule set, “Battle of Olustee”, using the Black Powder rules and “Air Attack Bir Thamada” using Check your 6! Jet Age.  I also got into two pickup games, Raiders of the Sulu Sea using a homebrew rules set and an Airdrome tournament.

The games were all very well done and had a host of skillful and courteous opponents, which always makes for a great con, but sadly isn’t always the case.  The Disposable Heroes game encouraged me to pick up the basic rules for it and a box of Bolt Action German infantry to get started with.  And I’m thinking of getting Check your 6.  The problem with it is that although it’s a pretty straightforward game, it requires plotted movement and it is chart heavy, and my regular gaming group consists of a bunch of sissies who are frightened by charts, so it may not be worth my while…but damn it’s a fun game!

I took a ton of pictures and some of them are even good.  I’ll post pics and some more detailed write ups later in the week.  Right now I’m just kinda beat!  It was a long, good weekend.

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Painting Hessians…and an Old Guard Grenadier

So in my last post I mentioned a book I’d just picked up, “Foundry Miniatures Painting and Modelling Guide” by Kevin Dallimore.  I’ve read the book through once and was impressed with the style and his techniques.  I’m not a great painter.  Painting for me has always been an obstacle; something that had to be accomplished so that I could play the game.  Lately though, I’ve wanted to try actually doing a decent job on my miniatures, but had no real idea how to accomplish it, so I knew I needed help.

I bought the book with high hopes, but low expectations.  I expected to find a bunch of fascinating, expert techniques, but figured they would all be beyond me.  Reading the book though, that seemed to not be the case.   In particular Dallimore’s “One Color” method is very straightforward and a good way to get started.  I had some 28mm Perry Old Guard Grenadiers in my dead lead pile, so I pulled one out and painted him up using the one color method.  I don’t have any photos of the process, but I took one of the finished product after a coat of gloss varnish.

Now you guys are looking at this thinking, “big deal”.  I assure you though, this guy is a large improvement over my usual quality.

Full of confidence I grabbed up six of the Perry 28mm Hessian musketeers I just ordered from The Warstore, primed them and got to work.  Here is one in process, with just the flesh and white bits painted.

Again, I suspect most guys reading this aren’t going to be impressed, but I am.  As I keep painting this group of figures I’ll take some more pictures of the work in progress.

I recommend Dallimore’s book without reservation if you, like me, have minimal knowledge of ‘proper’ techniques for painting miniatures.  For more advanced types, the two and three color methods and other ‘advanced’ sections would probably be of value.  Maybe I should actually write a review of the thing, even though it is already three years old and I’m probably the last person in the hobby to know about it.


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Black Powder Underway

Well, kind of underway.  I placed my first order for figures to begin building my Hessian force for the Black Powder rules.  My local game store was not able to get the Perry Miniatures figures I wanted, so I had to go out to the web, specifically to The Warstore.  I placed my order last Thursday and was notified that they shipped on the same day; I expect to receive them this week.

I ordered 4 blisters of 6 figures each of Hesse-Cassel musketeers advancing at shoulder arms.  Twenty four figures are just enough troops to form a “standard” sized infantry unit in the game.  In addition, I ordered a blister of Hessian command figures.  Once these arrive, I will have enough figures to form one regiment.  Armies in Black Powder are typically organized into battalions of 3-5 regiments each for command purposes, so I have a lot of work to do (and money to spend!) before I have a force to play with.

I don’t mind too much about that though.  I’m actually looking forward to painting these figures up.  I’ve been working with 15mm figures lately for Flames of War, and they drive me nuts because of the small size.  Painting 28mm figures will be like a vacation I think; I haven’t done any 28mm in a long, long time.

Speaking of painting, I was introduced to a great book by my friend Jonathan from CWF Gamecast.  The book is “Foundry Miniatures Painting and Modelling Guide” by Kevin Dallimore.  I’ve read the first few chapters and am impressed with the book so far.  Dallimore gives step by step instructions for his styles of one, two, and three color figure painting.  He illustrates the techniques using various model types and he paints the same figure, a Prussian Fusilier in one case, using all three methods to fully display the differences between the styles.  I’m not the greatest painter around;  I’d say I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum from the greatest painter, but Dallimore’s methods seem manageable by someone like me and I’m excited to try them on my Hessians.  I have some unpainted Old Guard Grenadier figures from Perry that I’m going to practice on first.  If things go well, maybe I’ll chronicle the process here with photos.  If you don’t see any photos, you’ll know how it’s going.

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