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Huzzah 2013 Day 1

Yes, it’s that time of year again, Huzzah is upon us, starting today. I haven’t been blogging much and so didn’t have any lead up posts, but will try to at least blog the convention while I’m here.

I rolled in to Portland at about 3:15 to the convention’s new location at the Doubletree in South Portland.  Right next to the airport.  It’s as beautiful as it sounds.  The internet doesn’t do sarcasm well so, in case you might be confused, that’s sarcasm.  Location aside though this venue is probably going to be better than the old location, which the convention has already outgrown.

I strolled around a bit to get my bearings and located the rooms where the con is being held.  Not a lot was set up yet as it is still way early, but a few vendors were set and ready to go.  I had a chance to chat with Gordon from Adler Hobby for a few minutes; they are running demos of Bolt Action all weekend long. There were a few games going on but pretty quiet so far.  That will all change starting around 6pm or so.  My first game is at 7pm and is an American Civil War battle, the Battle of Brandy Station using Regimental Fire and Fury for the rules.  I’m very much looking forward to it as I haven’t had a chance to play Regimental yet and am hoping to get my gaming group going on it.  Having some play time with it will make introducing the rules easier.

Time for dinner now then a short nap before the long night ahead I think.  There is a Cracker Barrel right next to the hotel guaranteeing that I will return to MA 25 pounds heavier than when I left.

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Painting 15mm Flames of War

So in an earlier post I think I mentioned that painting some 28mm figures for Black Powder was going to be like a vacation from painting figures for Flames of War.  Well, this weekend I went back to FoW.  And I was right.  I painted some Sherman III’s and V’s, including a Firefly and one gun section of  a 25lb artillery battery (pictures when they’re varnished and based).  It wasn’t exactly painful, but boy do I like 28mm better!

I’m not building any specific unit, just Generic Mid War British Infantry/Armor unit.  I have the Motor Company and Medium Royal Artillery Battery box sets as well as the Sherman platoon and some Matilda Seniors.  It’s been slow coming together, but my motivation is back up as it always is post-convention.  I’m a bit tired of playing Germans in FoW and needed something different.  Right now I have enough units assembled to field an 800 point armor/infantry force, using the 600 pt build rules in the book.  That is a company hq and one combat platoon combined with any supporting units desired.

I will finish these guys up tomorrow and start the second gun section.  Also I will prep and prime some more Hessians tomorrow night.  I’m in a painting mood which doesn’t happen often.  Gotta take advantage of it while it lasts!

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Back from Huzzah!

Well I just got back from Huzzah 2011 and am pretty well beat.  It was a great event again, better than last year I’d say.  If you didn’t go, you should have.  Good vendors, great games and lots of fun!  And a good venue to boot.  I played in three games that I registered for, “Operation Windsor”,  a WWII skirmish game using the Disposable Heroes/Coffin for Seven Brothers rule set, “Battle of Olustee”, using the Black Powder rules and “Air Attack Bir Thamada” using Check your 6! Jet Age.  I also got into two pickup games, Raiders of the Sulu Sea using a homebrew rules set and an Airdrome tournament.

The games were all very well done and had a host of skillful and courteous opponents, which always makes for a great con, but sadly isn’t always the case.  The Disposable Heroes game encouraged me to pick up the basic rules for it and a box of Bolt Action German infantry to get started with.  And I’m thinking of getting Check your 6.  The problem with it is that although it’s a pretty straightforward game, it requires plotted movement and it is chart heavy, and my regular gaming group consists of a bunch of sissies who are frightened by charts, so it may not be worth my while…but damn it’s a fun game!

I took a ton of pictures and some of them are even good.  I’ll post pics and some more detailed write ups later in the week.  Right now I’m just kinda beat!  It was a long, good weekend.

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Time for Huzzah!

It’s April 1st and that means registration for Huzzah! is now open and you should sign up.

Huzzah! is a new convention now in its second year.  It is organized by the Maine Historical Wargamer’s Association (MHWA) and is sponsored by a number of industry vendors.  The event takes place May 13-15 at the Fireside Inn in Portland Maine.  This is the same location as last year (though last year it was a Holiday Inn…things change).  I attended last year and was very pleased.  The location is near shopping and dining, though the on-site restaurant was fine for me, and there was plenty of room for all the events.  There is a discounted room rate available for convention attendees.

Some of the highlights for this year (you can get more information on the Huzzah! website):

  • ASL Bunker – Around the clock Advanced Squad Leader, all levels of player, from rank newbie to hardened veteran welcome and supported!  This is organized by some members of the Yankee ASL Yahoo group.  There is no fee to play, and it isn’t a tourney, just show up and play.  The event has been expanded to a much larger space than we had available last year.
  • There will be a Flames of War tournament running all day Sunday.  This is an Early War tourney with a unique setup organized and sponsored by Adler Hobbies.  Sign up early for that if you’re interested because it will fill up fast.
  • Got a gaming club?  Want to “bring it” to some other club?  Then register for the Viking Dawn event!  Hurry though, if isn’t full yet it will be soon.  And you have some work to do before you can play!

In addition there are many different games scheduled throughout the weekend running the range from ancients to modern.  If you are a historical gamer and especially if you live in the Northeast, you owe it to yourself to make the trek to Portland in May.  The MHWA ran an outstanding event last year and now with that experience I can only imagine that this year will be even better.  Get yourself to Huzzah!

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