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Huzzah 2013 Day 1

Yes, it’s that time of year again, Huzzah is upon us, starting today. I haven’t been blogging much and so didn’t have any lead up posts, but will try to at least blog the convention while I’m here.

I rolled in to Portland at about 3:15 to the convention’s new location at the Doubletree in South Portland.  Right next to the airport.  It’s as beautiful as it sounds.  The internet doesn’t do sarcasm well so, in case you might be confused, that’s sarcasm.  Location aside though this venue is probably going to be better than the old location, which the convention has already outgrown.

I strolled around a bit to get my bearings and located the rooms where the con is being held.  Not a lot was set up yet as it is still way early, but a few vendors were set and ready to go.  I had a chance to chat with Gordon from Adler Hobby for a few minutes; they are running demos of Bolt Action all weekend long. There were a few games going on but pretty quiet so far.  That will all change starting around 6pm or so.  My first game is at 7pm and is an American Civil War battle, the Battle of Brandy Station using Regimental Fire and Fury for the rules.  I’m very much looking forward to it as I haven’t had a chance to play Regimental yet and am hoping to get my gaming group going on it.  Having some play time with it will make introducing the rules easier.

Time for dinner now then a short nap before the long night ahead I think.  There is a Cracker Barrel right next to the hotel guaranteeing that I will return to MA 25 pounds heavier than when I left.

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Aerodrome 1.1 at Huzzah!

In my day 2 post I mentioned that I played in the Aerodrome tournament at Huzzah! but failed to take any photos.  Fortunately Andre, the GM did take pictures and has posted some of them on his blog:

Aerodrome 1.1 Tournament

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Huzzah 2012 – In the rear view now

This past weekend (May 4-6) was the annual Huzzah Historical Wargaming Convention held in Portland, ME and sponsored by the Maine Historical Wargamer’s Association.  This is the event’s third year; I have been lucky enough to attend all three years and can’t say enough good things about the guys from MHWA and the con they put together.  It is a full weekend of gaming, I played in every session available and was sort of done in by Sunday afternoon.  Totally worth it.  The quality of events run at Huzzah are second to no one.

I will try to put together a more coherent AAR this week.  If nothing else I have a number of photos I want to put from some of the weekend events.  For now though, I think bed.  Long week at work after a long weekend of gaming.

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