I started wargaming in 1978, way back when Avalon Hill wasn’t just another division of Hasbro, when gaming meant pushing small cardboard counters around on a hex covered map, and when there wasn’t a joystick or game pad in sight.  Quaint I know, but there is much to be said for facing your worthy opponent eye to eye over a table rather than staring into a computer monitor.

My first ever wargame was from Avalon Hill, a game called “Third Reich”.  It was a grand strategic treatment of WWII in Europe; I could not possibly have made a worse choice for my first game.  “Third Reich” is very complex and very abstract and was too much for my newbie brain to wrap around.  I tried playing it solitaire a few times, a hopeless endeavor, and put it away.

My second game was a much better choice.  It was another Avalon Hill offering called “Submarine”, a detailed tactical simulation of submarine combat in WWII.  I was hooked forever after that one.

I hope you have found this blog because you love wargaming and military history like I do.  If you’re here and don’t like those things, I hope I can kindle some interest for you.  It is a great hobby and fun way to explore history and make friends.


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